Stations of the Cross advertisement for Holy Cross in the Red Smith area.

Living Stations of the Cross Performance

On April 5, the Holy Cross Catholic School and Church communities shared a Lenten event with the Living Stations of the Cross. In both an afternoon and an evening session, fifth grade students, who were historically dressed as participants, journeyed through the fourteen Stations, bringing them to life.

This special re-enactment has become a cherished tradition at Holy Cross, spanning more than ten years. Each year it presents a unique religious learning experience for its participants and viewers, alike. The entire school attends the 1:45 p.m. Stations, along with parents, family members, the church community and friends, who are also welcomed to be present at the 6 p.m. event.

In preparation for this year’s performances, the script had been revamped, so that the Living Stations looked a bit different than prior years. Teachers thoughtfully cast roles in order to highlight each performer’s talents. The participants spent numerous hours getting into character, working through their scripts and blocking and then carried on with practice times. The church generously allowed access for several hours of rehearsal each day, as well as for the actual times of the Stations. Our Lady of Lourdes kindly loaned costumes for the event.

The goal of this school group was to convey to its audience the emotions that must have been felt during Jesus’ suffering and death. The onlookers were to feel as though they were there, put back in the story of the Stations of the Cross. This uplifting reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity was a perfect reminder of how the Holy Cross School and Church communities together celebrated Holy Week as a sign of their faith.