Photograph of the outdoor classroom for Pre-K students at Holy Cross.

Holy Cross Going Green Program Launches with Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor classroom for preschool at Holy Cross Catholic School.

Back in 2018, Holy Cross Catholic School began their green and healthy initiative. Now officially titled the Holy Cross Going Green Program, it is led by a team of innovative and resourceful staff from the school, including Michelle Anderson, Jodi Sullivan, Tara Wildenberg, and principal Kari Peterson.

The plain aims to promote a child’s healthy development and connect learners to the natural and human communities they live in. This will be achieved through a new outdoor classroom which will be utilized each day by the new Abundant Blessings preschool program, led by preschool teacher Jessica DeGroot, in the 2023-24 school year.

Preschool children attending will be encouraged to participate in play-based learning while engaging in the world around them both indoors and out. These children will be connected to nature as they develop their environmental literacy and awareness. The natural surroundings at Holy Cross will provide opportunities for discovery, creative problem solving, and growing in and appreciating God’s creation. This program will follow the Early Learning Outcomes Framework and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards while integrating the Catholic faith throughout the instruction.

Any families interested in enrolling in the Abundant Blessings Program should apply online today!