Family Involvement

Fundraisers and TSF

Echoed through the halls of Holy Cross Catholic School is our continued commitment to our students’ faith and education. We strive to promote helping one another and being actively involved in both our school and the entire community. Throughout the year we hold various school fundraising events and opportunities for engagement. These fun events are an essential part of building relationships and connecting our school families while raising money for each child’s Catholic education.

A portion of the GRACE Catholic Schools Enrollment Contract outlines each family’s site fundraising and service hours agreement. These commitments help assist with our fundraising events either through participation, ticket sales or volunteering time, which are all essential for successful events. Money raised through these events supports Holy Cross in raising its Third Source Funding (TSF) goal set by GRACE.

The Holy Cross Site Advisory Council continues to work with our parishes, school and families to achieve the educational environment that our children deserve while also meeting our financial obligations. Our TSF target set by GRACE for the 2021-22 school year is $52,500. The Site Advisory Council is committed to offering fun and exciting ways to get families involved and surpass the GRACE goal so we can continue to give back to our beloved school.

Site Fundraising

Our three main site fundraising events for the 2021-2022 school year will be the GRACE Calendar Raffle(this is replacing Football Mania), HC Auction for Education, and the HC Golf Outing.  (Please note, if you selected the buy-out option the $625 flat fee was added to your tuition plan, and therefore you are not responsible for the items outlined below.) 

  • GRACE Calendar Raffle:  The Calendar raffle tickets will be available from August 2021-December 2021.  Each Holy Cross School Family is responsible to buy or sell 10 tickets at $20 per raffle ticket.
  • HC Auction for Education:  The Holy Cross Auction for Education will be on October 23, 2021 at Badger State Brewing Company.  Each family is responsible to purchase 2 tickets for a total of $120.  This will include; 2 tickets to the auction, 2 tickets to the entertainment (NEW Piano Guys), 2 beverage tickets as well as a commemorative sponsors glass.
  • HC Golf Outing:  The HC Golf Outing will be in late spring again this year.  Each family is responsible to purchase two dinner tickets or enlist one golfer for the event.  The cost of these are still being determined, and will be communicated in the future.  

These three obligations are the ones set forth in the contract each K-8 family signed when enrolling for this school year.  Site fundraising requirements will be sent out through the parent folder and tracked for your family through the tickets sales of each event

TSF Hours

The site fundraising agreement indicates the expected participation in the programs and events planned for the year. Families choose to either purchase the required tickets or select a monetary buyout during enrollment in lieu of attending/participating in these events.

The fundraising agreement states each K-8 family is required to provide 5 TSF hour and submit and track their own hours using the online tracking form. Families that choose the TSF hour buyout option are not obligated to fulfill these hours or utilize the form. Communication will be sent throughout the school year with the various approved opportunities to satisfy the TSF hour obligation.

There are several upcoming main fundraisers that give you the opportunity to earn your TSF hours, including, but not limited to, events such as the Annual Auction For Education, GRACE Calendar Raffle, and Spring Golf Outing. The number of TSF hours required of each family is 5 hours, which can be earned from June 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

TSF Tracking

Tracking your TSF hours is easy using the TSF Reporting Document. Unfulfilled TSF hours will be billed at a rate of $30 per hour in accordance with the agreement and sent out to families in July, 2022.

The Site Advisory Council has worked to continue to build community while still achieving our financial objectives. Please keep in mind that we need to continue to work together as a Holy Cross family by giving our time, talent and treasure so we not only meet the financial requirements for the tangible elements of the school but also so we can provide the spiritual, loving, nurturing and educational environment our children deserve. That can only be accomplished with everyone’s effort.