Christmas ornament

Advent Journey: Learning the Many Names of Jesus

Christmas is a time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a figure known by many names that reflect his various roles and attributes. Beyond the traditional festivities, diving into the significance of these names can add a deeper layer of meaning to the holiday season.

This Advent season has been truly special as our students dived into a captivating exploration of the numerous names of Jesus! From Emmanuel to Prince of Peace, each name unveiled a unique facet of his remarkable story.


In the midst of our explorations, we incorporated a heartwarming tradition. Each name discovered was symbolized by a unique ornament—a visual representation of the rich tapestry of Jesus’ identity.

Today, our students adorned a special Christmas tree with these ornaments, each carrying the significance of a different name attributed to Jesus. As the tree blossomed with colors and meanings, it became a radiant symbol of the depth and diversity of this beautiful season.

The joy and enthusiasm radiating from our students as they carefully hung these ornaments were truly infectious! From “Prince of Peace” to “Savior,” each ornament held a story, a lesson, and a reflection of the immense love and teachings associated with Jesus Christ.

Let’s carry the spirit of this joyful activity forward, embracing the teachings behind each name of Jesus and spreading love, kindness, and compassion as we celebrate the magic of Christmas!

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