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Day of Giving

Day of Giving

The Day of GRACE is just one week away!
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GRACE's New Family Referral Program

GRACE’s New Family Referral Program

We are excited to announce GRACE's new Family Referral Program!
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Here at Holy Cross, we focus intensely on the development of the whole student – mind, body and soul. It is our goal to cultivate and foster in our students the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and effective communication. We nurture a positive culture where the dedication to educate children is integrated with our Catholic faith, living out the Gospel and dedicating ourselves to stewardship both inside and outside the classroom.

We have tremendous hopes and dreams for each of our students, but none so great as the desire to witness them using the knowledge they have gained to answer the call to serve others with great love.

Mrs. Kari Peterson, Principal

Student, Holy Cross Catholic School

Testimonial 4

I think it’s great at Holy Cross because the teachers are nice, my friends are nice and I'm learning a lot every day. Our classes don’t have a lot of kids, so you feel close to everyone.

Student, Holy Cross Catholic School

Testimonial 5

My favorite thing about Holy Cross is I get to learn here. I’m learning how to tell time on the clock. And I learned that they didn’t have pumpkin pie at the very first Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Jodi Sullivan
Teacher, Holy Cross Catholic School

Testimonial 3

When you walk through the doors of Holy Cross, you are a part of a family. The students are so loving, kind and compassionate. The staff is so friendly and helpful. It is an amazing team!

Student, Holy Cross Catholic School

Testimonial 2

I love all my teachers. They're so helpful and want to see us succeed. And I like that the smaller classes mean our teachers can focus on us more and help if we need anything.

Mrs. Tara Wildenberg
Teacher, Holy Cross Catholic School

Test Quote 1

Being a Catholic school teacher allows my students and me to have the best of both worlds. We learn and grow together in our faith as we see how it is entwined in every aspect of our lives.