May/June 2019 Lunch Menu


Holy Cross lunches are prepared daily on site by our school nutrition staff. Lunches include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, and milk. Students may choose on a daily basis whether or not they want lunch, or milk only. The cost of lunch per day varies. See daily or monthly prices on the pink envelopes that are sent  home to each family. Milk can be purchased for $.40 per carton by students eating cold lunch, or students eating school lunch who would like more milk. Each student will need to have a prepaid account to make their lunch, and milk payments. The nutrition staff will notify you when the account needs to be replenished. Parents/guardians are welcomed and encouraged to join their children for lunch. Parents/guardians who wish to purchase a school lunch should notify the school kitchen by 9:00 a.m. on the day the lunch is to be purchased.


Food Service Manager – Patti DeBauch

Nutrition Student Account Manager – Heidi Tilot


One parent/guardian is assigned to kitchen duty each day. The parent/guardian should arrive no later than 10:45 a.m. to check in with the office and obtain a visitor’s badge. A hairnet will be provided. After its first use, it will be kept in a sealed bag with the name of the parent/guardian for future use. A hat may be worn instead. The kitchen duty volunteer will help set up the dining tables, salad bar and serving table and then clean them. This person will help set out and serve the meal. When the students have finished eating, the teacher aide will excuse the students so the students can have their trays scraped and then go outside. The volunteer will wash trays by the dishwasher and assist school lunch personnel with putting the dining tables, salad bar and serving table away.
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