Innovative Education in the Roman Catholic Tradition

The faculty and staff at Holy Cross Catholic School are always striving to find innovative ways to answer the call as Catholic Educators to “share in the catechetical ministry of our young people” and “illumine all of life–science, mathematics, history, business, biology and so forth” (National Directory of Catechesis, pp232-233).

The result of their research and prayerful reflection is Holy Cross Catholic School’s groundbreaking Faith Integration Curriculum. As the name implies, this program is aimed at further integration of our Catholic Faith into all aspects of students’ lives. The staff seeks to challenge students and their families to connect the sacred words and actions of Jesus Christ and the tenets of the Roman Catholic tradition with the secular world in which they live.

The Faith Integration Curriculum achieves this by further illuminating students’ experience of the Catholic Mass through the lens of traditional curriculum, through Catholic Virtue Education, and through weekly acts of stewardship.