Welcome to the Holy Cross Catholic School!

As you may or may not be aware, the cost of educating our children at Holy Cross comes from three sources.  The first, and most obvious, is the tuition that we pay to GRACE.  The second is an amount that is provided by our parish, which is why it is so crucial that we financially support our parish as well with the sacrificial offering we make.  The sacrificial offering required is a comparatively small amount to give in order to receive the “in-GRACE” tuition amount as opposed to the “out-of-GRACE” tuition price, which is roughly double.  Please continue to financially support Holy Cross Parish as well.

The third source of the revenue needed to provide the top notch Catholic education that our children receive is called Third Source Funding (TSF).  The Site Advisory Council (SAC) has again been charged with raising this portion of the revenue.  This is done through the efforts of ALL the school families.  As you are aware, over the past couple of years we implemented a program with goals that were financial and community driven.  We needed to raise our TSF requirement for GRACE and wanted to build a sense of community while doing so by getting more people involved.  After much review and evaluation, we determined that the current structure of the program became confusing and even offensive to some people in regard to what was counted as approved TSF activities and was very difficult to track who participated and in what ways people participated.

Thus, we have made some changes to the structure of the program for this school year to try to streamline the process and make it easier on all the families.  There are actually less requirements this year and we hope that will actually encourage more participation in creating and growing the family that is Holy Cross Catholic School.

Lunch Duty:

Early Childhood Program:  Families that have student(s) only in the Early Childhood Program (EC3 and 4K) will not be required to perform lunchroom duty.

K-8:  Families that have student(s) in K-8 will be required to work three (3) lunchroom duties.  These duties are approximately two (2) hours each.

Buyout:  In the event that families elect not to perform or cannot perform the lunchroom duty, families still have the option of buying out.  The buyout is $15/hour, which is $30/duty.  Checks for the lunchroom buyout should be made to Holy Cross Parish.

Being a chair or co-chair of one of the fundraisers eliminates the requirement of lunchroom duty or buyout.

TSF Hours:

There are four main fundraisers that give you the opportunity to earn your TSF hours: Fall Fest, Football Mania, the Auction, and Magazine Sale.   The number of TSF hours required of each family is five (5) hours.

Football Mania:

ALL families will be required to buy and/or sell ten (10) Football Mania tickets at $20.00/ticket.  This year, to encourage more participation, every Football Mania ticket bought/sold in excess of the required ten (10) fulfills 30 minutes of TSF Hours.  Again, chairing this program eliminates the requirement for lunchroom duty.

Magazine Sale:

The base goal remains at $25 per family.  For every $25 of PROFIT generated in excess of the initial $25, one (1) TSF Hour is fulfilled.  There are no fractions of profit or TSF Hours awarded.

Fall Fest:

ALL families are required to buy two (2) tickets to the Fall Fest event.  Co-chairs for the 18/19 year are Deb Hendry and Patty Nennig.  The co-chairs will again have ample opportunity for families to perform TSF Hours by volunteering to help make this a fun event and a financial success.  Sign-up sheets will be available.


ALL families are required to buy two (2) tickets to the Auction.  We still are in need of auction (co)chair(s).  Keep in mind that being a (co)chair alleviates the need to perform lunchroom duty.  There will be lots of opportunities to help out and earn your TSF hours.  Please contact a SAC committee member if you are willing to be a chair.

The SAC has worked to continue to build community while still achieving our financial objectives.  Please keep in mind that we need to continue to work together as the Holy Cross family by giving of time, talent, and treasure so that we not only meet the financial requirements for the tangible elements of the school, but also that we are providing the spiritual, loving, nurturing, and educational environment that our children deserve.  That can only be accomplished with everyone’s effort.

God Bless,

Holy Cross Catholic School SAC