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What Is Going On In The Art Room:

  • 4K- the students will be working on their coloring, cutting and gluing skills as they create a collage.
  • Kindergarten- the Kindergarteners are working on an African Skin Design drawing.
  • 1st Grade- first grade will be starting a papier-mache sculpture based on the Angry Birds game. This project was thought up by one of my first graders who loves the game :)
  • 2nd Grade- the students are working on papier-mache African Calabash sculpture.
  • 3rd Grade- the third graders working on a foil African mask design.
  • 4th Grade- the students in 4th grade are finishing a printmaking unit. They made a printing plate out of cardboard and string.
  • 5th Grade- students are working with 1 point perspective to draw a landscape or a cityscape design.

This year, my middle school classes are a mix of students from 6-8th grade. My first group of middle school students consists of some 7th and 8th graders. They are working on an animal drawing that wont show the texture or value, but the contours of the animal. This will be done by drawing cloth strips onto the design that curve and show the animals contours. This is a more challenging project, but I think this class will do a great job :)

My second group of students is a mix of 6th and 8th graders. They are finishing up a 2 point perspective cityscape drawing. They would like to go into a papier-mache unit next.

My last group of middle school students consist of 6th and 7th graders. These students are working on an African Bogolan cloth painting. They will be working in small groups for this project.Middle schoolMiddle School

I hope you enjoyed your glimpse into the Holy Cross Art Room. Please stop back to see what we will be creating next.  Below are some fun art related links for you to check out. Have fun!