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Todd Phillips

Español con Profe Peterson  


School families of students in grades K-3 will be able to find Spanish updates here:

Spanish Elementary Homework



School families of students in grades 4-8, you will find our updated homework assignments below via “Google Classroom”:  **Please logon to “Google Classroom” using your child’s Holy Cross email address.**

Second  Trimester Prayer:  Ave Maria


Homework for Grade 4  

Google Classroom Code:  91z5s4

Pronombres – Who?

Students are working to understand the 10 basic subject pronouns used in Spanish and will be extending their use of the verb “ir” with describing what people are going to do or not do.

Homework for Grade 5 

Google Classroom Code:  t2nde3l

En la sala de Español…

Students are learning about the objects of the classroom in Spanish.

Homework for Grade 6  

Google Classroom Code:  uxq7h41

Mi Familia – students are working on the vocab and adjectives to describe our “familias”.

Homework for Grade 7  

Google Classroom Code: pep5s7r

¿Frio? ¿ Calor?  –

Students are working to understand the difference between SER/ESTAR/TENER to describe people and their feelings and conditions.

Homework for Grade 8  

Google Classroom Code:  0b3p1x8

¡Yo quiero…y yo puedo!

I want to…and I can!   Students are learning the mechanics of changing and conjugating Stem Changing verbs in the present tense.



8th Grade Students will be making monthly visits to “Escuelita” a Spanish Preschool offered at Grace Lutheran Church where they read stories, sing songs, play and do art projects together with children attending in Spanish.  Here’s a peek at our most recent visit.


Profe Peterson