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My husband, John, and I have been blessed with three daughters, Sylvia, Evelyn and Adeline (all three of whom attend Holy Cross). Together we love and snuggle our young and spunky Rottweiler, Schatzie, and enjoy spending time at our cottage in Door County. We love traveling, spending time with our Morgan Horses and hang outdoors both around our home and beyond. We have a found our chosen family at Holy Cross.
Kari Peterson

Español con Profe Peterson     

  Ever feel like this is you?  Students and Profe spoke openly about “Paciencia”.  What can it do for you? Someone else?  How can we find more?  Talk to your child today about our strategies.


School families of students in grades K-3 will be able to find Spanish updates here:

Spanish Elementary Homework













School families of students in grades 4-8, you will find our updated homework assignments below via “Google Classroom”:  **Please logon to “Google Classroom” using your child’s Holy Cross email address.**

Second Trimester Prayer:  Ave Maria


Song – Evia tu espiritú – Send your Spirit


We prepared for Las Posadas – the symbolic presentation of Joseph and Mary travelling to Bethlehem looking for lodging.

Homework for Grade 4  

Google Classroom Code: yiw7xy

Students are talking about where they and others are going around Spain.  We are learning our Singular and Plural Subject pronouns and the forms of the verb “IR”.

Homework for Grade 5 

Google Classroom Code:  omczlu

Students are working their ways around the city and using prepositions  and the verb “estar” to describe where people and  the places are located.

Homework for Grade 6  

Google Classroom Code: 6sxjh06

Students are working to identify and use the structures and vocabulary to describe dates and days in Spanish.

Homework for Grade 7  

Google Classroom Code:  w32q6ig

Students are identifying and using Possessive Adjectives to describe what belongs to whom.

Homework for Grade 8  

Google Classroom Code: 4eshxc7

Eighth grade students are working with infinitive verbs that end in “ER and IR” in the present tense.


Profe Peterson