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My husband, John, and I have been blessed with three daughters, Sylvia, Evelyn and Adeline (all three of whom attend Holy Cross). Together we love and snuggle our two Rottweilers, Sadie and Schatzie, and enjoy spending time at our cottage in Door County. We love traveling, spending time with our Morgan Horses and hang outdoors both around our home and beyond.
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Español con Profe Peterson     



School families of students in grades K-2 will be able to find any vocab/homework listed here:

Spanish Elementary Homework













School families of students in grades 3-8, you will find our updated homework assignments below via “Google Classroom”:  **Please logon to “Google Classroom” using your child’s Holy Cross email address.**


Homework for Grade 3  code:  b7n2fy

What are you going to do?  What do you like to do?

Yo voy a = I go / I am going to ___________

Tú vas a = You go / You are going to

Me gusta _____________  = I like to ______________

Te gusta _______________ = You like to ______________


Homework for Grade 4    code:  gjugxox

Pronouns (Pronombres) – the person or thing that takes the place of a noun

and then add in the verb ¨Ir¨ and talk about where you are going around Spain or what activity you will do at each place.  ¨Yo voy a mirar en el museo.¨


Homework for Grade 5      code:  ujpdwi

We are discussing places around the city.  Adding in the prepositions of where those places are in relation to other spots on the map make for some fun.  We are also talking about where people are around the town.


Homework for Grade 6                code:  0762yp4

We are looking at our daily school schedules and talking about which classes we have at what times.


Homework for Grade 7      code:  ekdczwv

We are now working on La Familia – Family!  Who are the members of your family and what are they like?


Homework for Grade 8    code:  aghzwg

Our new chapter is centered around traveling for vacations.  Where do we want to go?  What will we do there?  Start planning for Spring Break!



Please call or email with any questions.

Profe Peterson