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Spanish Elementary Homework

My husband, John, and I have been blessed with three daughters, Sylvia, Evelyn and Adeline (all three of whom attend Holy Cross). Together we love and snuggle our sweet Rottweilers, Schatzie and Rosie. We love to travel and spend time with our Morgan Horses and hang outdoors both around our home and beyond. For us, Holy Cross is that special place that has given us a home beyond the walls of our own house.
Kari Peterson

/Español con Profe Peterson/  


School families of students in grades K-3 will be able to find any Spanish updates here:





“It is nice to be important,

But it’s more important to be nice.”






De Colores ~

Students will be working on learning the basic “colores” in Spanish.

Here’s a fun song to practice:

Basho And Friends:  Colores


¡En La Selva Tropical!

Students are exploring “animales de la selva tropical” and how they can describe these animals with basic adjectives and colors.


En Mi Familia….

Students are learning about their families and how we are related.

Third – Google Classroom Code:  8lqemy

Los Deportes y Pasatiempos

Students are learning about their favorite hobbies, pastimes and sports and describing what they like/don’t like and what they are going to do or not do.


Students will be praying the “Ave Maria” at the start of each class for the second trimester.


Profe Peterson