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Middle School Band

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Sam Stranz

Notes from the Holy Cross Band Room

September/October 2020

Greetings! I hope everyone has had a safe and smooth start to the school year. It’s exciting to get back into the swing of things, even if it looks a little different than we’re used to.

For middle school band this year, we are focusing on individual development through private lessons as well as recording technologies and procedures (once we get rolling a little bit). Since it’s not safe right now to have the band meet to play as a large group, we will be meeting as a group without instruments every Friday to discuss a variety of musical topics ranging from music theory to the role of music in society.

As of right now, concerts are also not safe, so we will be working on a series of “virtual concerts” much like we did in the spring. Students will record their parts individually with a metronome and then I will piece them all together into our own virtual band. We might even be collaborating with the choir for a song or two…more to come! Here is the video that we worked on in the spring, if you didn’t get a chance to see it!

I hope you continue to have a great school year and I’m looking forward to creating some great music with all the students!