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Kindergarten Home Room

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*This is my second year teaching at Holy Cross Catholic School and I am excited to share my days with a wonderful group of students! I started teaching Kindergarten more than two decades ago! Prior to Holy Cross, I taught Kindergarten at Resurrection School in Allouez, Wisconsin. *I am a native of De Pere, a graduate of St. Norbert College and currently live in De Pere with my husband and eleven year old son. *In addition to working in Catholic education, I enjoy gardening, reading, cheering for the Packers, and raising backyard chickens!
Michelle Anderson

We are busy at Holy Cross Kindergarten: 


 In February we celebrated the 100th day of school by making projects with 100 items:


Each student brought 100 edible items. We combined them then ate our 100 Day Trail Mix for snack – delicious!

 Beautiful late autumn weather!

Having fun in the sun on November 29, 2017
We participated in the Great Lakes Apple Crunch on Oct 12, 2017

  In October we did many apple projects, including making and eating applesauce!


During September we have fun inside and outside!


Kindergarten Is Fun!!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Kindergarten!   It is a year of fun, laughter, discovery and maturity.  The children adjust to being in school, switching classrooms, having recess with older children and learn about their capabilities.  They strive to learn new things and discover who they are through play and interacting with their classmates and teacher.

In Kindergarten, we are able to attend Music, Spanish  and Phy. Ed. twice a week. We go to Library, Art and Mass once a week.  When we are in our classroom we talk, sing, listen and learn.  We learn responsibility by taking care of our things and putting things away as we finish with them.

In Kindergarten we count everyday!  We learn to count to 100, to 20 forward and backwards, by 2s,5s and 10s.  We will learn to count to 10 in a different world language each month. We work hard to make sense of the alphabet, the sound each letter makes and the keyword associated with each letter. We learn to sound out a word by tapping them out, and the look of discovery on their faces as they figure this out is priceless!