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*This is my third year teaching at Holy Cross Catholic School and I am excited to share my days with a wonderful group of students! I started teaching Kindergarten more than two decades ago! Prior to Holy Cross, I taught Kindergarten at Resurrection School in Allouez, Wisconsin. *I am a native of De Pere, a graduate of St. Norbert College and currently live in De Pere with my husband and son. *In addition to working in Catholic education, I enjoy gardening, reading, cheering for the Packers, and raising backyard chickens!
Michelle Anderson



We worked with the First Graders to present our reader’s theater version of The Wizard of Oz!

This way to Oz
Follow the yellow brick road!
narrators ready on the side of the stage

our munchkins


the cutest flying monkeys


the cast of Kindergartners



We finally made it to our field trip that had been canceled due to an early April snowstorm. We had a great day at the Appleton Children’s Museum (The Building for Kids).


a peaceful ride home!

–> Another year, another April snowstorm…it made recess cold but fun:

April 12 Recess:

April 9 Recess:


*Each day during Lent we had a “Take 5” moment, to reflect and plan how we could improve ourselves during this season. We made a great list to answer the question: How can I be a better student?


Justin’s mom came for a visit and showed us a great science experiment with citrus fruit juice and baking soda:


We meet with our 3rd grade buddies each week. They help us write in our journals and listen to us read books!



Celebrating the 100th Day!

 100 in the hallway 




Zero the Hero sent us crowns…


…and capes to celebrate the 100th day!







some of our “100 – creations”


We have so many celebrations throughout this month! One of our favorites is the 100th Day of School. We made projects with 100 items:

100 foam peanuts
100 squares
100 ice cream sprinkles
100 Star Wars stickers
100 sea shells
100 animals
100 pepperoni slices
100 super hero stickers











































We have been working hard during Center Time:









  • January Snow has arrived and we are enjoying playing outside at recess:



It’s close to Christmas, so we crafted our own elves and opened The Elf’s Workshop where we made and wrapped gifts for our families:

Rachel & Snowflake
Ella & Martie


Sophia & Fancy
Justin & Elfie
Alton & Elfie
Mikey & Elfie
Vincent & Elfie





























Snapshots from our Christmas Concert:

We are wearing our dress up clothes…looking sharp!

Jingle Bells!

Lining up for our second song
Hip Hop Reindeer
Hip Hop Reindeer
clap to the beat

In early December we finally had snow to play with during recess:



We practiced and performed our first scripted play with our First Grade Friends titled: Pop, Pop, Popcorn!


With our 8th Grade Buddies we made cards for U.S. active duty service members, and sent along some treats:


ADORATION: We will join the school for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after the second mass of each month. We prepared by learning about the monstrance:

Brother Jacob visited our classroom with some special pieces used for adoration.
The monstrance and luna of Holy Cross parish – newly refurbished with silver and gold!
Brother Jacob shows us the monstrance while wearing the special garments.
Brother Jacob show us some of the special vestments worn while handling the monstrance.



On October 31 we put on Halloween costumes and visited the Sisters at the Mother House:

We are dressed and ready to visit the Sisters and trick-or-treat at the Mother House!
Mikey had fun riding on the bus.
Yellow friends…dressed for fun!










We sat outside in the warm, beautiful sunshine…
We sat outside in the warm sunshine to eat a treat we received from the Sisters!









snacks at our Halloween party
more tasty snacks!















On October 3 we received a visit from a local fire department:

We learned many things about fire safety and prevention
a fire fighter shows us his turnout gear
we’re not afraid of fire fighters – they help us!
Mrs. Anderson tries on the turnout gear!
Mikey tries on the helmet
Justin tries on the helmet










Addison tries on the helmet

we toured the tender truck
we got to see some of the fire trucks
a special tool
this tool can help the fire fighters do many jobs
Thank you New Franken Volunteer fire fighters!


September Fun:

using pattern blocks during math
we can make designs
lunch time












we love our delicious food







The Kindergartners and 4-K students remembered watching a video last spring of beavers building a dam. During recess they collected sticks and started making their own:

first, sticks were collected and arranged
mixing sand and water for mortar
several groups worked together
adding more sticks & mortar

placing sticks
The completed beaver dam



The school year has begun! Look at some of the fun we’ve had during the first two days:

Exploring the classroom


At the Art & Writing table


Fun friends!
Recess time!


Smile! We’re having a great day


Fun in the sun on day 1!
What can we do with this big cardboard box?

Kindergarten Is Fun!!


Welcome to the wonderful world of Kindergarten! It is a year of fun, laughter, discovery and maturity. The children adjust to being in school, switching classrooms, having recess with older children and learn about their capabilities. They strive to learn new things and discover who they are through play and interacting with their classmates and teacher.

In Kindergarten, we are able to attend Spanish and Physical Education (gym class) twice a week. We go to Music, Library, Art and Mass once a week. When we are in our classroom we talk, sing, listen and learn. We learn responsibility by taking care of our things and putting items away as we finish with them.

In Kindergarten we count everyday! We learn to count to 100, to 20 forward and backwards, by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We will learn to count to 10 in a different world language each month. We work hard to make sense of the alphabet, the sound each letter makes and the keyword associated with each letter. We learn to sound out a word by tapping the letter sounds and blending them together. The look of discovery on students’ faces as they figure this out is priceless!