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7th Grade Reading and Language Arts

  • 7th Grade
Hello! I have been teaching at Holy Cross since 2011. The "Beacon on the Hill" is my home away from home. When I am not at school I spend my time with my husband and 3 children, a crazy dog, and two lazy cats. At home I usually have my nose in a book; however, I also enjoy doodling stories, pounding on the piano, clicking knitting needles, and digging in the dirt.
Samantha Parker

 7th Grade Class Information 2018-2019


Scholastic Book Club Info

Wish List

  • Barnes and Noble or Amazon gift cards to grow classroom library
  • clipboards 

January 2019 Lessons

  • Reading: The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez, Non-fiction reading, analysis, summarizing
  • Grammar: Parts of speech, types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, compound-complex
  • Language Arts: reading response, research, MLA citation
  • Technology: Google Slides, digital portfolios, video reflection, organizing with Google Calendar
  • Religion– Jesus’ teachings