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I have been teaching for over 20 years and this is my 9th or 10th year at Holy Cross School and my 6th year at Holy Family School. My main hobbies and interests are jewelry making, reading mysteries and camping. I am always looking for something new to learn in the area of art and ways I can incorporate that into my art curriculum. In my eyes, the students make a school special. I live in Green Bay with my husband and six cats.
Renee Zirbel

Welcome to the Art Room!

Scroll down to see what is going on in the Art Room, Homework, Assignments, Grading Policy, Learning Links, and Pics of Our Projects (each grade has a blue link to click on)!




Holy Cross Spring Band and Art Show-

Learning Links


Graffiti Creator – Create your own graffiti Online. You can choose a font and fill it with graffiti.

Color with Leo – Their art studio includes games related to color and drawing. There are many games here.

Cartoon Lessons – IAD’s cartoon section where you can teach yourself cartooning.

Bomono – Create pictures using patterns that you create with buttons, pointing and clicking. – A collection of online art games.

A. Pintura: Art Detective. Learn art history while playing detective

What is a Zentangle (Prezi)

Sumo Paint Pinterest page- different links

Sketch and Paint

Creativity on line- different links

NGAkids Art Zone

Art Games

Discover Keith Haring



In the Art Room this week….

click on the blue grade link to see pics of their work


4K– flower drawing

K– turtle drawing

1st– rooster drawing

2nd– hands drawing

3rd– Symmetrical Name Bug

4th– Symmetrical Name Bug (STEAM)

5th– Paul Klee building

Middle School

6th Grade– architecture: barn, castle, Victorian house

7th Grade – 3D Zentangle form

8th Grade Parabolic Curve drawing


Weekly Sketchbook Assignment Rubric– how is your grade figured for sketchbook assignments

Individual exploration on subject being studied and creative use of sketchbooks is always appreciated.

5th Grade and Middle school students are responsible for taking notes on new projects and creative ideas along with any given assignments in their sketchbook.

Grading Policy

Art Room Grading and Expectations

Rubric– What makes a “4” a “4”