Holy Cross Student Spotlight – Addie Peterson

Addie is a fourth-grade student who has been attending Holy Cross Catholic School since preschool. She loves learning about an array of subjects, especially English Language Arts. “I really like writing stories, and I also love to read,” she said, noting Greek mythology is among her favorites.  In addition, Addie enjoys gym (especially dodgeball) and art, adding that “crafts in general are all very fun, so anything in art is great.”
Addie aspires to pursue a career as an author. “I like letting my creative river flow,” she said.
Holy Cross Catholic School is an ideal fit for Addie, she said, because “I feel at home here. I love that we can learn about different things and everyone cares about everyone else here. And they teach us about Jesus, which I like because it’s interesting to learn about my religion and I want to keep learning more and more about it. I like that Jesus always sees the good in you and tries to show you the way.”
Addie and her family are members of Holy Cross Parish Family, so she embraces the opportunity to attend school Mass at her home parish. “It’s comforting for me,” she said. Holy Cross Parish Family is among our 23 GRACE-affiliated parishes.
Addie is the youngest of three sisters to have attended Holy Cross Catholic School. During her free time, Addie enjoys reading, jumping on a trampoline, riding an electric scooter, playing with family and friends, and doing work around the house.  “I don’t know a lot of kids who are like that, but I actually like doing chores at home,” she said.
Thank you Addie for working hard both in and out of the classroom. We are blessed to have outstanding students like Addie throughout our school.