Ella Servi – Holy Cross Student Spotlight


Ella S. is a second-grade student who has been attending

Holy Cross Catholic School since preschool.
“Holy Cross is super fun and I’ve made lots of friends,” she said. “The teachers are really nice. They teach us and are nice to us and help us.”  Ella enjoys writing stories and poems, as well as drawing and coloring in art class and engaging in projects and experiments in science class.
“One time we did an experiment where we put an egg in vinegar and it came out bouncy like rubber,” she said. “That was a lot of fun and it was interesting to me.”
Ella enjoys attending school Mass at Holy Cross Parish, which is her family’s home parish. “I especially like hearing songs and singing,” she said.  Indeed, Ella embraces the opportunity to grow in her Catholic faith.
“Jesus helped lots of people,” she said, “and I want to be like Him and help people too.”
Ella aspires to pursue a career as a doctor “because that’s one way I know I can help people.”
During her free time, Ella enjoys reading stories about princesses, using clay to make artwork and spending time with her older sister, who also attends Holy Cross.
Thank you Ella for contributing to the vibrant fabric of our HCS community.
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