Holy Cross Catholic School Virtual Presentation

Join Sister Laura Zelten, Sister of St. Francis of the Holy Cross, to learn more about Immigration and our call to embrace all of God’s children.

Sr. Laura Zelten – Immigration Video


Join Julianne Stanz, Mission Team Leader and Director of Parish Life & Evangelization Mission Team at the Diocese of Green Bay to understand how together we can take steps to evangelize in our every day thought and actions.

Julianne Stanz – Evangelization Video


Join Father Mark Mleziva, Vocation Director for the Diocese of Green Bay, to learn more about Vocations and what God is calling each of us to do.

Father Mark Mleziva – Vocations Video


Maximus Cabey, Child & Youth Faith Formation Director with the Diocese of Green Bay, shares his insight on the importance of Ecumenism within the Catholic Church.

Maximus Cabey – Ecumenism Video