Winter Weather Makeup Announcement

Date:    February 12, 2019
From:  GRACE Schools
Re:      Weather Make-Up Time
GRACE School System is currently analyzing instructional time. Decisions regarding make-up days and/or added minutes to the school day will be communicated by Friday, February 15, 2019.
At this time, we are comprehensively reviewing schedules, busing options and decisions with our public school system partners.
During snow days, school families are encouraged to incorporate some aspects of learning into the day as you are able. Suggested activities include reading, academic games, puzzles, review of math facts, and computer-based learning. Tasks or projects that involve some physical exercise are also ideal.  Brain stimulation is important for the growth and development of youngsters daily. In addition, you are encouraged to find ways to incorporate faith and prayer into your day.
Thank you for your patience and flexibility while we navigate God’s gifts.  Stay safe and warm in the comfort of your homes.
Our Lady of the Snows, pray for us.
GRACE Schools