HCS awarded Packers Foundation Grant

We are excited to announce that Holy Cross Catholic School has received a $3,000 grant from the Green Bay Packers Foundation for the Holy Cross Going Green program. The Green Bay Packers Foundation and the annual grants are part of the Green Bay Packers Give Back program.

The Holy Cross “Going Green” program will empower our students to develop life-long attitudes, behaviors and commitments to make informed environmental decisions.

This program includes the creation of an outdoor learning space for students to engage in active learning, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. It also provides opportunities for environmental awareness. The space will include “all weather” natural seating, workspaces and a raised bed vegetable garden. The workspace will provide opportunities for students to work on various STREAM projects to enhance several locations around the school. We are turning our school grounds into an environmental learning lab. 

Holy Cross Receives “Green” Gift from Cellcom


Green Bay, WI (November 12, 2018) – Holy Cross Catholic School, part of the Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) school system, has been selected as a 2018 Cellcom Green Gift recipient. The school received a $1000 Green Gift from Cellcom for the Holy Cross Going Green program.

Holy Cross Going Green program will provide learning opportunities for its 120 students and their families through the design, creation, and maintenance of an outdoor learning environment on the school campus. This learning environment also includes a raised bed vegetable garden. The program will engage students in active learning, encourage teamwork and problem solving, and provide opportunities for environmental awareness. Organization and design of the program will begin in January 2019, followed by the purchasing of materials and supplies in March. The creation and building of the outdoor learning space and gardens will occur in May of 2019.

“The Holy Cross Going Green program is an initiative taking root from the school’s participation in the Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin, which supports and encourages schools to create safe learning environments and prepare students to understand, analyze and address major environmental and sustainability challenges now and in the future,” said Lisa Niemuth, Director of Development for GRACE. “The goal is to increase functional outdoor learning spaces, contribute to the school’s nutrition program with products grown in the garden and for Holy Cross to complete the remaining two certifications in the Green & Health Schools Wisconsin.”

Holy Cross Catholic School was among 29 green organizations that received a share of the $40,000 in Green Gifts from Cellcom this year. The Green Gifts program launched in 2010 and uses funds generated from Cellcom’s cell phone recycling program to fund green nonprofit initiatives. Customers and community members can bring in their old or unwanted phones to be reused and recycled. Cellcom sends the phones to recyclers who in return send money to Cellcom for the materials that were saved from the phones. Cellcom’s Green Gift program completes the green cycle that starts with consumers being environmentally-conscious and donating their devices.

“Green Gifts gives Cellcom the chance to partner with our customers to invest in our communities. By simply recycling old devices, customers are helping Cellcom contribute to programs and projects that support environmental stewardship and have a positive impact on our natural world,” said Cindy Durand, director of public affairs at Cellcom.

Visit Cellcom’s website for the full list of award recipients. Cellcom is proud to support organizations of all sizes, whose work is impacting the community and building a greener tomorrow. The company’s recycling program has generated $346,975 for local charities over the past 15 years.

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Cookie Walk – December 12

A Cookie Walk is a room filled with wonderful decadent goodies for you to choose for your family’s holiday celebrating.  After selecting the ones you want, your box is weighed. You pay by the pound.

Located in the Holy Cross School Gym.